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Professional Painting & Paper hanging

Professional installation by our staff

Painting & Paper Hanging

In addition to our numerous products in the project area, we also provide expert staff to fit and install the products professionally.

Our professional and competent painter and wallpaper team is one of the largest teams in Europe.

This means that we can ensure that your construction project is timed. Very large and intensive construction projects can also be completed extreme quickly.

Our employees are 100% familiar with the specific products of the individual manufacturers. This is the reason why we can ensure best quality in installation and mounting of exclusive, high-quality digital prints and wall coverings.


In addition to consulting and planning, DG-Project Service PLC also provides the exclusive and high-quality digital prints, wall coverings as well as decorative and upholstery fabrics. They can be installed professionally  by our well known staff.

Furthermore, we offer an all around package which is unique in our sector.

Thanks to the all around package from DG-Project Service PLC, it is no problem for us to offer product bundles.

In this way, we ensure a cost-efficient solution for your construction project and monitor whether all construction phases are within the timeframe.

Painting & Paper Hanging