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Individualise your concept


One of our main competencies is the area of exclusive and high-quality digital prints. If you want to give your building-project a tailor-made individual expression, you can achieve this by a digital print created by us.

Naturally, we approach your wishes and ideas perfectly during the consultation and planning and bring them to the wall.

But not only the digital print motive plays an important role, also on which background your presentation is looking the best counts a lot.  For this reason, we offer different basis wall papers, which can also be ordered free of charge as a sample.

Due to the challenge in choosing the subject and selecting the basic wallpaper, we will gladly assist you with our many years of experience and expertise, and will develop an individual design concept for your construction project.

For many years, we have been working together with the english company Muraspec in the area of ​​exclusive and high-quality digital prints and are exclusive distributor partners in the D-A-CH area.

In addition to its own digital print motifs or digital print motifs based on your wishes and ideas, Muraspec offers digital print motifs in its exclusive design concept, Wallmotion, which comes from the in-house creative forge. For example, different wood motifs, floristic and botany motifs as well as metallic and traditional motifs are used.


In the area of ​​digital printing, it is very important for us that your construction project is not implemented with off-the-shelf products.

That is why we focus on your wishes and ideas and create an individual tailor-made design concept.

If you have any further questions regarding products or our company, please do not hesitate to contact us

If you would like to have an impression of digital print motifs, we would be pleased to send you free printed samples at any time.

If you would like to make an impression as to how your motif could work as a digital print in a room, simply test our virtual room on our homepage and send us your idea.

You will find the virtual room in the digital prints section below on the homepage.

Would you like to learn more about Wallmotion from Muraspec? You can find out more about this in our Online-Magazine.


In order to make the best use of virtual space, please visit the page on a stational PC.

Virtual Room



You need help with our virtual room? Take a look at the instructions!



Step 1:

Click on the first button on the bar above the digital room and upload the image you want to see as a digital print.

Step 2:
Now you have several options to edit your digital print.

This option gives you the chance to tile the picture. Click on the button and control the number of shown pictures with the regulator, which appears above the button. With clicking on the button again, the tiled view of the picture disappears and the full picture is shown again.

This option gives you the opportunity to reduce the picture to a certain part on the shown wall. You can adjust the part by clicking on the black button, which appears in the right bottom corner and pulling it until you have the size you want. You can then relocate the picture by dropping it to the spot you like.

This option gives you the possibility to zoom the picture in or out, dependant if you only want to show a certain part of the picture or want to have it only in the centre of the wall. Again, click on the black button, which appears in the right bottom corner and pull it until the picture has the size you are wishing for.

Step 3:

If the size and the section of the picture match your idea, click on the button “Create Download” to prepare your download.

After a few second you can click on the next button “Download picture" to download the picture and save it to your computer. Send us the picture and we can directly get an impression of your idea.

Step 4:

If you want to start all over again with an “empty” digital room, click on the button "Start over".